Tuesday, September 06, 2005

its from kait

Hey guys it is I, Kaity the first.
the amazing daughter of Gary and Tammy.
So usually on summer vacation we usually stay home and have a quiet summer, but this summer was anything but quiet. My mom decided that this summer instead of staying in the comforts of home she decided that we were going to go to Camp Chestermere. Now if you dont know my parents worked there back when the earths crust cooled (ok so it was only 20 years ago but come one guys im only 16, 20 years is a long time). So she decided that we would go there. It was a blast sure there were some times when all i wanted to do was stay in the warm and comforts of my bed, but that was only because it was SO cold! So that was fun, i learned alot, had barely any sleep and was generally sick for the most of it. Oh ya mom "dragged" josh, matt, and i to camp. Im joking we were in need of an adventure, so we were the ones dragging her.

ok so you are probably wondering why on earth i have a map of Africa and with Zambia of all places coloured in. Well to thoses who dont know or who havent figured it out Im moving there, yeah my family is coming with me too. Now in order to go to fancy places like Africa we have to do our time, and by that i mean we have to do deputation. Which means that we go to different Churchs and talk to them about what we do and why we do it (if you want to hear that whole spiel you can talk to my parents). So if you want us to come to your church talk to my dad.

anyways...im going to go now...
have an amazing rest of the day
(aka Kaitlin, Kait...)

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