Monday, July 03, 2006

New Challenges

It feels as though the months are slipping by quickly as we prepare to go to Portugal in January for language training. So many things to do and get in order before we leave, our level of excitement grows with each day. God continues to bless and amaze us with His provisions through all of you, thank you once again.

June took us to Saskatoon where spent a wonderful weekend sharing with family and friends. We spent an afternoon with Gary's 91 year old Grandma who regaled us with pictures and stories of her youth in Czarist and Soviet Russia. It was exciting to be able to connect with our family history a bit more as we get ready for a new adventure in the future.

We returned to Three Hills where we joined our church for its annual camp out. Good food, good fellowship and a wonderful baptismal service in the river. Also, as it regularily seems to be the case, our family grew to 11 as several teens joined us for the camp-out. What a great group of kids, they help keep the adventure in our lives. The following weekend was Kaity's graduation. Wow, what a hoot, it was a great time of again, looking at the past and dreaming about the future.

The last weekend saw us heading up to Lacombe where the church had organized a fund raiser for us. We spent Saturday doing a walk-a-thon and picnic and then sharing in the Sunday morning service. Gary has taken to throwing chocolate bars into the congregation, it's lots of fun, you should see how alert people become when chocolate starts flying.
Thanks to all you Lacombians!?

The picture shows Mitcha compound where we will live. Our house has a red roof and is the one on the upper right hand side of the three. If you like Google Earth you can use the following co-ordinates (14 53'27.70" S 13 29'40.82" E) to find the house and look around the City of Lubango. Is that cool or what!? We'll try to give you a bit more of a tour as we write more.


Ebel's Blogmail said...

hi Goertzens, great Blog, we love hearing what you are up to and how things are going! we love you guys lots, bye for now,
love Sue

loewenbehold said...

. . .and the little house furthest to the left is me . . . looking forward to having you back! -Becks