Friday, May 09, 2008

Hey now...

It has been pointed out to us that it has been two months since our last update, to which I thought this can't be true! But alas tis true, my excuse is that we haven't had anything interesting to write about, which isn't really true. I wrote some drafts to post, but just never got around to it, my apologizes to all.
We like to include pictures so that you can all see what we are up to, so I have included the following one.

What is the significance of this picture you ask? Well for those of you who are intuitive, you have already figured it out or have made a pretty reasonable guess. For the less intuitive, like myself, I will explain it for you. The pretty girl on the right is our wonderful daughter Kaity, the young man on the left is Richard Evans, otherwise known to us as "Ricardo", or 'The Boy". Ricardo and Kait have been involved in some form of a relationship for the past five years and they have decided that they would like to make this a permanent arrangement. That's right, there is going to be a wedding in the Goertzen family! Typically, people like to take six months, maybe a year to plan a wedding, but when has our family been known to be normal or typical? The big day is going to be August 30, 2008. We are excited for Kait and Richard and look forward to tormenting him for many many years to come! We are thrilled to have Ricardo join our family and that Kaity already feels like she was born to be part of his family. What does this mean travel wise for us? Tammy is booked to head back to Three Hills this Sunday for about three weeks and then the four of us are planning on coming back in the middle of August for a month or so. We look forward to seeing as many of you as we can, but as you can guess we will be fairly busy with wedding preparations. God is good all the time! We are so very blessed.

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