Tuesday, October 03, 2006

God's Provision

I am continually humbled by the way God is providing our needs through the generosity of His people. We have been so privileged to meet new friends everytime we head out on the road to share what God is doing in our lives and where He is calling us to go. This past month we were able to head up to Eaglesham, Fairview and Fox Creek in northwestern Alberta. We had travelled that route in May and were eager to reconnect and also meet new friends. The Lord graciuosly reminds us each time that what we are doing is not about us, but about Him and His kingdom. Every home where we have stayed, every person we have met, has blessed us beyond anything we could repay. God has been so good to us and we pray that we can at least return a part of that blessing to all of you.

Things are really starting to kick into high gear this week, all the planning and preparation for returning to Angola is starting to come together. As you can see by our schedule on the side of the blog we are going to be living out of suitcases until we arrive in Angola next August. This weekend we will be heading to MAF US until the end of November for some advanced flight training. Following that we'll be on Vancouver Island for christmas, back to Alberta for the new year and then off to Colorado for a two week language acquisition course.We will be returning to Alberta one last time for final packing and farewells and then off to Portugal at the end of January for language training. Wow, things are getting exciting and scary all at the same time! Please continue to pray for us, we are continually humbled and blessed by all of your love and care.

We will update you next from MAF US in Nampa Idaho.

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