Monday, January 29, 2007


Well yesterday was D-Day! What does that mean? It typically means it's the day when something exciting is going to happen, for us it was supposed to mean the day we were to head off to Portugal for language training. Well the Lord has decided that He wants us to hang around just a little while longer. Not a big problem, it seems that the agency in Angola that handles passports likes ours so much that they want to gaze on our "non-smiling" faces for a few more days! Fortunately we have learned not to purchase airline tickets until passports are securely in hand. This is actually turning out to be a good thing because it is allowing us to tie up a few more loose ends before we go. Also it meant that we got to go out with Tami's cousins, Arvid & Debbie Nottveit and 3 of their kids to a Newsboys concert in Edmonton. What a blast! We are hoping to head out somewhere between the 10th and 20th of February depending on when we get our passports and whether British Airways goes on strike, seriously, I am not joking! We are learning to trust in God's timing. We'll keep you all posted on the time line as we find out what's going on!

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BritBoat said... goodbye really sucks, BUT I shall still have joy! Right!