Monday, January 08, 2007

14 Days and counting!

When I first started this update I was sitting at a desk in Palmer Lake, Colorado where we were taking a language acquisition course before we head to Portugal for actual language training. It is now only 14 days, Lord willing, before we board a plane to take the next step in serving the Lord with MAF. All of the plans and projects that seemed so far off in the future are now just around the corner. We are so blessed by all of the faithful prayers and support that we have received, are receiving and will receive. There are a few things to still complete before we head out such as Provincial exams for Kait, drivers license for Josh, learner's license for Matt, a renewal of an IFR rating for Gary, packing, visiting, dentist and doctor appointments and the return of our passports from Angola so we can go to Portugal. Passport...that almost seems like it's becoming a bad word. We would appreciate your prayers on all of these matters.

Back to the language course in Colorado. Mission Training International has been helping people to prepare to go cross culturally for about 50 years. The staff and teachers were a great encouragement, it was such an amazing time of learning and fellowship. I actually now believe that it is possible, for an old person, such as myself, to be able to learn a second language and be able to speak it!! We met all sorts of interesting, and I do mean that in the most positive sense of the word, people from all over the world who are preparing to serve the Lord in many different places, all over the world. It was such a blessing to meet so many people that are willing to go places and do things for the Lord that are way out of my comfort zone. It was a blessing to hear how God is at work in so many lives and how these people are listening to and following His leading. Our God is such an awesome God!

Again we want to thank you for all your prayers and gifts of support, it humbles us and we pray that we will glorify God with what you all have given. Our monthly support level is still around the 80% mark. Pray with us as we trust in the Lord to take care of this need. We have seen His supply in the past and know that He will take care of things in His time in the future. Please let us know how you are doing and remember that "A heart without Christ is a mission field and a heart with Christ is a missionary"


BritBoat said...

LOVE the quote at the end. Nice.
I was, however, a little shocked by the lack of my name--with a brief description of my coolness--in the text. may need to fix that. Just a thought.

The new people are here. It's wierd, but good. So far there are a lot of younger singles with about 7 couples. No cool Canadians either! It's like it wasn't meant to be. God wanted you to be my favorite. :-) I'll keep my blog updated on all the goings on. I'm excited for you guys! Later~

Oma Zina and Opa Bill said...

Dear Tammy,Gary and kids;
I just wanted to reply to your blog to let you know that I will pray for you. It must be a bit fearsome going into the unknown! But we know that Almighty God is aware of all of our comings and goings,in any part of the World. May He give you confidence and strenght for the coming days, weeks and months. We plan to go to Africa again in the spring of 2008 to visit and fetch our family in Rundu, Namibia. their work Visa expires then, and after three years in Africa at that time,they will be coming home for a time. I hope you will be able to connect with them there. Angola is a stones throw across the river from Rundu. May God grant you Big Blessings while there!! I will PRAY for your PASSPORT to arrive now!
Love Zina VanBergeyk

Miriam Chmiel said...

It was great meeting you at PILAT! And it will be fun to follow your lives and your ministry thanks to your blog.

SPLICE started today. It's good but we miss the phonetic drills ;(;(;(

Tomasz and Miriam