Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Still feeling like a tourist!

Is this all a dream!?
The view out the hotel window in Lisbon, can´t believe we are actually in Portugal.
10 fifty pound bags and 10 carry on bags to get on the train from Lisbon to Porto. Let´s just say the train guys were annoyed with us for delaying the departure of the train...even though we arrived early in Porto in the end. By the way there is no one to help bring the bags up the four long flights of stairs to get to the platform...yes I´m whining.

Here are a few pictures of the area where we are living.This is our apartment, it´s the ones with the open windows to let in all that warm spring air!
A view from the apartment. Oh look, the trees are green! Yes that is another poke at all you winter bound people!

Some of the streets in our area.
Tami is going to start a website where she is going to post the plethora of pictures she is taking.


BritBoat said...

LOVE the pictures! So it's nice and sunny there, whatever. There's beautiful...grey...darkness in Ukraine!
wait...that was supposed to sound nicer....dang it!

andrew + camille said...

guys this looks amazing!! greetings from andrew and camille :)

BritBoat said...

Ummm...why isn't my other comment up here? I swear I posted one!