Monday, March 05, 2007


We have posted some of our pictures on flickr
Just click on the link above, hope it works. We are hoping to keep adding to it as we figure this all out.


meadow said...

I like the picture where they all are at the window.
If they hadn't made a law about it, me and my dad would always throw things out of hotels/apartment building windows...Fun stuff!

Once, my dads case for something fell out of his pocket and out the window then hit the sidewalk, so I ran out of our room and down the stairs -Dad took the elevator- and into the lobby and the door man looked at me with his eyes raised because I was a kid yelling "Hurry!" In the lobby because I didn't want my dad to lose his thing. When I came back in, it was in my pocket, so the doorman thought I just wanted to run outside....It was great.


Richard Evans said...

thanks for posting the pictures!! it looks like an amazing place out there....wish I could come see it too! have twice as much fun k?(once for me...)
always praying for you guys,
Richard (for the whole Evans fam)

BritBoat said...

LOVE the pictures!!

Peter and Lorraine said...

Hi Gary and Tammy,
Hello from sunny +9 deg Alberta, (although we expect 5-15cm of mositure tonight, the kind you shovel)

Just got your Sporadica and are excited with you on your new adventure(s).

We are praying for you! We would love to follow your adventures with you on this blog. Terrific idea! You can check out our blog at for a wee bit of a connection with us!