Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We are packing,

What a lame-core title.
So. As the title says we are packing. Once again.
And by we, I mean them. (This is Kaity, just in case you didn't know.)
So. Tomorrow we are leaving for Angola. And, this means that in the past year we will have lived in 5 houses. That means that every 2.4 months, we would move. Or every 10.4 weeks or every 73 days,or every 350 hours, or every 4200 minutes we would move. Basically, I feel as though we haven't unpacked since last summer (we didn't move till October, but we started packing in August.). Tomorrow, it will be (almost to the day) 5 years since we went to Angola the last time , (not counting the time Dad went by himself.). Things have changed since the last time we were there; There is a pool now. People have moved away, and people have moved to Angola. We are expecting a new addition*. Which makes our family of 5, become 6. We are older. We think we are wiser. We are taller (except Dad and Mom, they haven't grown taller since highschool.). There is a new mall in Lubango. (which is great, because the people are starving, yet they can still make a big mall.)
Anyways. I hope this has been an enjoyable blog to read. Let us know what you think!
Love Kaity.

*the new addition's name is Dexter.
**Dexter is a dog.

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Tamara said...

I'm glad to hear for your sake that your long journey is coming to a close and you will finally get to settle down for a while. I'm also glad to hear the your "new addition" is a dog! I was getting a bit concerned . . .