Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Another day of packing, that seems to have become a fairly normal phrase in our lives. We are down to our last week here in Portugal and are getting anxious to be in Angola. We are once again living out of suitcases and maneuvering around our huge duffel bags that are ready to go. We went to the train station yesterday to make sure we have the latest schedules and to ask about all of our luggage. The nice gentleman told us that the train didn't really have room for our luggage...since it is really just a commuter train we do understand, but it is funny. So our big bags will be shipped by truck on Monday to our hotel in Lisbon, I am praying that we arrive before the bags do. On Tuesday the 7th we will go by train to Lisbon, the next day take a 2 1/2 hour plane trip to England, wait for 6 hours before the 12 hour plane trip to South Africa. A short 4 hour wait there, then a 2 hour plane trip to Namibia where we will enjoy the company of the Knightly family for a few days. We will be doing some crazy household shopping, dishes, pots & pans, a vacuum cleaner etc. before heading into Angola. The length of our stay in Namibia will depend on when Gary Toews (MAF program manager) receives his passport back from the immigration guys in Luanda. I (Tammy) had the last of 4 dentist appointments today for a root canal, it was not as bad as I thought, but I still feel like I have been smacked around a bit. Gary was happy with the bill, it was 180 Euros, which we think is somewhere under $250.00 Canadian that is with 3 x-rays and 4 appointments. Matthew thinks that since it was so cheap my tooth will likely fall out soon...I pray not. Please pray for us as we travel and also that all of our luggage will arrive where and when we need it. We are thankful for your prayers, for the phone calls and care packages, and notes, we have been so encouraged!


dan said...

Wow, Tammy that's going to be a long day or two or three, I didn't quite add up the hours, of travel. We will definitely be praying for you and your luggage and safety, etc. It will be so fun for you to visit with the Knightley's. All the best as you begin this new adventure in your lives.
Love Bonnie

Oma Zina and Opa Bill said...

Dear Tammy, Gary and Family
Thanks for the update ! I will be praying for you as you travel! I am going to Namibia too, on the 17th of August to help out with the Kids program for the AIM missionaries conference. This will enable me to meet our newest grandchild"Rachel Grace Ndapewa Greidanus" A beautiful little girl born on March 5th 2007 that Alisa and Rob are adoptimg! I am excited to meet her as well as see the rest of the family of course!. Trust that God will bless you abundantly as you serve him in Angola. Love in Him Zina VB

heidi said...

Hey Tammy! just found your blog-what a great way to let people know how you're doing hey? While you are moving around the world,we are settling back into Kamloops and planning on staying for a long time. Feels weird to be back but good to be settled. Look forward to keeping up with you now that I know how!


Paula said...

And I'm glad you survived your root canal. Been there, done that, twice...hope you and I never have to do it again. LOL!!