Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Settling in.

The question we are being asked most by people here is, "How does it feel to back?" Well at this point it feels like malaria for Kait, a trip back to Namibia for Tammy to get a tooth fixed, no Angolan pilots license for Gary, a weekend trip to a friends farm for Matt and Josh meeting someone who likes computer games as much as he does. So the answer to the question is, "The same only different." Kait is doing better and hopes to be able to go with one of the missionaries out to a clinic tomorrow. Tammy's tooth that we thought we had taken care of in Portugal has been giving her a lot of trouble so she is flying out of Lubango on Sunday to Namibia so she can see the dentist in Windhoek on Monday morning. Oh well so much for a root canal costing less here than in Canada! As far as Gary's license goes, well let's just say that this is the bureaucratic process at work here in Angola. The gentleman that signs the licenses is busy in meetings and is concerned that since Gary hasn't flown since January he is a little out of practice. You can pray for these issues that they would be resolved quickly and that Kait and Tammy would be back to feeling 100% again.
Matthew has already been able to go spend 5 days out at a farm called Tchincombe, where some SIM missionaries are running an enormous ranch for one of the national churches. He was pretty stoked about the whole thing and spent his time running around with Jeffrey, who is also 14, hunting and exploring and doing all the things that boys should be able to do on a farm. Josh, being Josh is just as mellow as ever. He has discovered someone who likes computer games as much as he does. The only problem is he is our MAF mechanic and now Gary is going to have to make sure that the two of them aren't distracting each other from the work that both of them need to do!
Over all things are going well. Gary is up to his eye balls in being checked out on the airplane by MAF's chief pilot. This involves lots of work on the ground and about 50 -60hrs of flying in the plane. The goal in the end is to be a qualified MAF captain. After that comes a month or two of training to take over as Program manager in Angola. Meanwhile Tammy is working hard on making the house a home. Homeschooling the boys and figuring out where to buy, what to buy, how much to buy and what to pay! I, Gary, think that she has the biggest job of all.
This post is getting long so we will say good-bye for now. Please continue to pray for us, we notice more then ever the difference that it makes.


Paula said...

Ah, the fitting in phase. So much to do, eh? I will be praying for ALL of you.

Richard Evans said...

well I'm glad to hear that things are looking to be picking up shortly for you guys! we're all praying back here for you all.
God Bless,
for the whole Evans clan,

Bill's Adventures and such said...

Wonderful!! Isnt God wonderful? He is just showing you that above all else He is always there, access is the same, no hurtles to overcome when seeking Him, no one to go through to get an appointment, no agendas, just that He is there...and I am so privledged to be able to pray for your family, Gary...
Take care,
The Andersen Family.

David Grabher said...

David Grabher disse

Hello Goertzens! Glad to hear that you are settling in, sorry to hear about Kaitlin's malaria and tooth problems. Wanted you to know the church here is praying for you, as we are. Also, remember that even bureaucrats need prayer...

David & Bina

Bill McCracken said...

Hi Gary & Tammy,
Thanks for keeping us informed about your challenges and adventures! Your blog is NOT boring! Don't listen to Reg, it's just a sibling rivalry thing!
Our group won't be meeting again until January but we'll pass on your news then. I expect most of them may alredy be receiving your blog but will check and perhaps add those who are missing out!
We're glad to hear Ruth has arrived safely. It seems like we just spoke to her a few days ago at church!
Blessings as you celebrate Jesus Birthday together!
In His love,
Bill & Jeanette