Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rear Window- apologizes to Alfred Hitchcock

As we are want to do at times, we like to look out the windows of our apartment, which give us wonderful views of the bairro and city where we live. We enjoy seeing the changes in the city, watching the traffic, seeing the people go about their daily tasks and seeing the many lights at night. The other day Tammy was looking out one of our rear windows when she spied a young man on one of the roofs that we can see. It's not really that unusual to see people on the rooftops, but something caught Tammy's eye that just seemed a little unusual. "Normal" is seeing repairs being made, satellite dishes being set up, children chasing chickens or each other for that matter, but today something was different.

So what's that thar young feller up to?

What's he holding in his hands?

 But of course! How could I have not thought of this!? 
He's setting up his fish drying business!!

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