Monday, October 13, 2014

Testing...1,2,3... testing...

One of the things that we are extremely excited about is the Flying Doctor Project. Once a week every month we travel with a doctor to some of the remote areas that they want to reach. It has been exciting and frustrating all at the same time as we work to bring physical and spiritual healing to the neediest of the needy. One of the new aspects of the project is going to be a weekly Patient Transfer Flight. Each week we will coordinate with these rural clinics to bring those who are in need of more sophisticated care or surgery to one of the hospitals that we partner with. One thing that we needed to do before we started the flights was to test our abilities to get a stretcher into and tied down in our Cessna 182's. Some of you who are familiar with this type of aircraft are thinking that it's not possible, there isn't enough room. You would be right if you hadn't modified the aircraft. Instead of a bench seat in the back there are now two seats that fold away to the sides to give lots of space.

The door of the plane can be removed and the stretcher is ready for the test patient.

Marijn deciding how the stretcher will be tied down.

The test patient being loaded into the plane. They figured that if they could lift and put me in the plane and I fit, then they could lift and put anyone in the plane, thanks guys!!

"Is he going to fit!?"

Look at that, with room to spare!

The doctors that we work with say that the Patient Transfer Flights will literally be able to save months of treatment for some of their patients. The delay in receiving timely health care can result in lengthy recuperation times. We are thankful for your prayers and continued support with this project! 

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