Monday, November 13, 2006

Basking in Boise

Greetings from Boise, Idaho! Wonderful, warm Idaho, land of potatoes...

As usual things have been carrying on at a frantic pace, which means for us that things are fairly normal. For the past three weeks we have been in Boise, Idaho for standardization training with MAF US. Well at least Gary has been training, Tammy has been trying to keep the kids on track with their homeschooling, as well as enjoying her time visiting with her friend Claire. The kids have been awesome, and have enjoyed some exploring and Kaity has managed to meet up with some 'friends-of-friends'. It is a small world that we live in! Last weekend we went to the Old Idaho Penitentary, built in 1870 and used until 1973, it made us glad we didn't have to live there! The kids have all been sharing one bedroom, which has gone surprisingly well, this is just another sign that we serve a God of grace and miracles and that many prayers have been said on our behalf!

So what exactly does one do when they are here for standardization training? Well, first of all you get to spend one week in a classroom learning all about the plane you will be flying and how MAF expects you to do things. This translates into lots of homework, studying and test writing. For the next three weeks, you take all the classroom theory and turn it into practical application, learning how to land, takeoff and turn in really tiny spaces. Not so that you can be some crackpot that is off doing nutty things all the time, but to learn what you and your airplane are and aren't capable of doing. They take their forty years of experience flying this plane and give it all to you.
Setting up a low pass to make an airdrop.

Target zone for airdrop

Learning to stop quickly...and safely

We have been so blessed to be here in Boise, Idaho. God continues to amaze us as He blesses us with the opportunity to be a part of building His kingdom. It will never cease to amaze me how He is willing to take such an imperfect vessel as myself and allow me to be a part of His awesome plan for this world.

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BritBoat said...

I miss you already! You haven't even been gone a day. :-(

Ya'll are great! So wonderful meeting you!