Saturday, May 05, 2007

Through the eyes of Kait!

We have turned over the blog to Kait for this update...not sure what we were thinking!
As I sit here, watching a Jane Austin classic, I can´t believe how fond of Portugal I have become. Here are my top 10 reasons why I love Portugal/ living in Portugal.
1. The coffee is stronger, better and generally more enjoyable.
2. The streets are cobblestone.
3. They are more passionate about soccer, than we are of hockey.
4. They have «novellas» (Soaps, soapies, soap operas...) on TV all day long.
5. You can fit more people on a bus.
6. The bus drivers are all former race car drivers. They have two speeds, fast and faster.
7. The streets are narrow and the drivers are fast.
8. The english shows aren´t dubbed, they have sub-titles, which makes learning the language so much easier.
9. There are pastry shops on every corner. On one street there are 10!
10. The Portuguese love shoes more than me, there must be a million shoe stores in Oporto.
Now in my opinion, for every pro there is a con. 10 things I have learned to dislike while here.
1. I get the worst «caffine hangovers» I have learned my lesson, only one «cafe» a day.
2. Though the streets may be romantic, they are annoying to walk and ride long distances on.
3. When they celebrate a holiday they use fireworks, all day and night long.
4. The acting on the soaps is really bad, probably worse than any episode of Degrassi ever recorded...ack!
5. When the buses are loaded, my nose dies, because it gets really smelly.
6. The bus drivers stop suddenly. it is amazing that I have not suffered any internal injuries.
7. I have no con about the narrow roads or fast drivers, except that I fear for my life when a bus zooms past.
8. The english shows all start at eleven at night.
9. I visit the pastry shops on a daily basis, I feel like I have gained 200 pounds.
10. I have no complaints about the shoe stores.
So really I have only 9 cons...wait 8 for my 10 pros. All in all I find this country lovely and beautiful. It has bewitched me and I love it.
Well, there you go, life in Portugal through the eyes of Kait. The boys will be sharing over the next couple weeks...should be interesting.

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Paula said...

Shoe stores? Pastry shops? Strong coffee?

I'm coming right over!!!