Monday, May 28, 2007

Wow, God just keeps on being God

It is with a great deal of humbleness and awe that we want to let you all know that we have reached our support raising goals! It is truly fantastic how you have all prayed and given and today we can let you know that we are fully supported! God has done so many amazing things in this time through all of you in so many different ways, we can´t even begin to list them all. This marks one part of the adventure and this by no means, means that we are letting you all off the hook and that we don´t need your continued pray and support. We just wanted to let you know that even though you may think you only have played a small part you have joined together with many others to let God do something awesome! We look forward to seeing how God uses all of us and that includes you for His honour and glory in the future.


Knightly Krafts said...

God just keeps on amazing us with His faithfulness and His creative way of showing His faithfulness! He is amazing. Experiencing His love is something I would encourage for everyone out there... however just know that it isn't always easy to LIVE BY FAITH! It is a big step... but well worth getting your feet wet! What a reward! I am SO excited for you guys... see you soon!!! Love Charlene

Peter and Lorraine said...

WOW, our God is an AWESOME God eh? This is wonderful news and so now that is one less thing to "worry" about as you fulfil your ministry!!

Linda said...

I'm from the January PILAT group. I have friends in Luanda and work with Baptists - perhaps that helps you remember me. Saw your blog. Hope all is well. Has PILAT helped in your studies? I know you're in language school and am wondering if you've had time outside of class to try out some of the LAPS or other activities.

Blessings on you as you prepare for Angola.


Paula said...

Gloria a Dios!!! (as they say in Mexico)

Rejoicing with you,


BritBoat said...

YAY!!! Now if only mine would come in....You will still in my prayers, though. Don't you worry. I can't forget my favorite Canadians!

Richard Evans said...

wowo! that truly is fantastic! for all the Evans Family, "miss ya'll!"
God Bless,